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  • Smart Utility Solution Service Provider
    First public listed company in the industry in 2012

    Founded in 1997 as a smart utility solution service provider, Goldcard Smart Group Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading smart gas enterprises after over two-decade continuous innovation based on customer requirements. In 2012, Goldcard was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange with stock code 300349, as the first public listed company in the industry.

    Goldcard not only catches up with the IoT and Internet trend, but also devotes to build a brand-new public utility industry ecosystem. With new technologies, products, and services expanded, Goldcard brings great synergistic effect in smart terminal, smart communication, big data, cloud computing, and mobile application to provide high-value and high-performance products and end-to-end solutions including smart devices, communication networks, application management software and Internet cloud services for public utility customers. Goldcard also builds long-term strategic cooperation relationships with various gas enterprises, Huawei, and Alibaba.

    Currently, Goldcard business covers more than 30 countries, the company is serving over 3000 public utility enterprises and over 55 million urban family users in more than 1500 cities.

    For you to create a green life
    Committed to providing integrated smart utility solution for global customers.
    Message from Board Chairman

    The era of 5G has come, as evidenced by the outbreak of the Internet of everything. Goldcard Smart Group takes full usage of cutting-edge technologies in the key domains of "cloud, big data, IOT, mobile, and AI" to help the municipals become more intelligent.  Over the past 20 years, we have been continuously exploring the application of connected intelligence, with the aim to drive the rapid development of digital economy in water and gas supply industry. We now serve more than 30 countries, 1,500+ cities, 2,000+ utilities, and 50+ million residential households. We have also redefined Goldcard Smart Group goal as being one of China's leading Internet of things companies.

    In 2019, Goldcard Smart Group continued to make progress in the IOT and 5G technology application. More than 10 million Goldcard IoT smart terminals have been deployed, including nearly 5 million NB-IoT smart terminals.  Our IoT platform provides connection to more than 6 million IoT smart terminals, and more than 600 utilities and 75 million end users have been connected to our cloud services.  We have participated in the construction of the world's first network of over 10 million NB-IoT connections in gas industry application, and the “Digital Guangzhou” project: the world's first single city with IoT gas terminal deployment of over one million.  Goldcard Smart Group continuously strengthen the construction of security system and the application of big data in energy industry, and established the first joint digital energy laboratory with Hangzhou Gas.

    In the future, Goldcard Smart Group will fully take advantage of the 5G technology, focus on energy innovation, rely on the end-to-end advantages, dig into customer application scenarios, solve customers’ key concern, and co-work with ecological partners to jointly create digital solutions, to achieve overall connectivity and explore data value. We will continue to strengthen cultural endeavour to benefit employees and better perform corporate citizenship responsibilities, delivering satisfactory results to the society and our shareholders.

    GoldCard Smart Group Co., Ltd. Chairman
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    With the power of innovation, take the corporate responsibility, protect human rights, and repay the society
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    Over two-decade concentration in the public utility industry, we have grown far more than we have succeeded
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    Recognized and praised by the society
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    Goldcard cherishes the use of all capital to keep stable operation and development, build comprehensive corporate governance structure, and improve overall risk management levels
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    Visit Goldcard’s smart public utility solution experience center
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    Goldcard under the lens, excellent Goldcard people
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